Active protein drug delivery to the tumour microenvironment

Recombinant proteins are widely used to treat disease but the inherent instability of some proteins severely undermines their potential. At Cuboid Bio, we’re using PODS®, a natural mimetic protein depot technology, to harness the characteristic behaviours of mononuclear phagocytes to actively deliver protein drugs in order to treat solid cancers more effectively.

Discover PODS®

The remarkable microscopic cubes seen in this image are PODS® protein crystals that have been generated using a natural mimetic technology. PODS® stabilize embedded cargo proteins against the degradative effects of chemicals, UV and proteases. In storage, PODS® crystals are stable for years, even at high ambient temperatures. When in use, PODS® crystals provide a steady stream of bioactive proteins over a period of weeks.


The origin of PODS®

PODS are a natural mimetic of a protein that evolved to provide stability to other cargo proteins to environmental insults, such as UV.

PODS® application areas

Address challenging protein pharmacokinetics. Locally administered or disease targetted

PODS® transforms protein delivery. If you are interested in using PODS® in your work, please get in touch.

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PODS® technology expands the possibilities for proteins across many therapeutic applications.

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