Controlled Protein Stability

Recombinant proteins have the potential to address many of the challenges facing society. Protein instability severely undermines this potential. PODS® is a natural mimetic technology platform that robustly, reliably and economically addresses protein instability.

Discover PODS®

These remarkable microscopic cubes, about 1/10th the size of a typical mammalian cell, are PODS® protein crystals generated using a natural mimetic technology. These crystals stabilize embedded cargo proteins against the degradative effects of chemicals, UV and proteases. In storage, PODS® crystals are stable for years, even at high ambient temperatures. When in use, PODS® crystals provide a steady stream of bioactive proteins over a period of days, weeks or months, depending on the preparation and application.


The origin of PODS®

PODS® is based on a survival mechanism employed by the Bombyx mori (silkworm) cypovirus.  Cells hosting cypoviruses produce microscopic protein crystals that protect progeny virion against UV as well as other physical and chemical challenges. PODS® exploits this natural phenomenon to provide long-term stability and dynamic release of a cargo protein.

PODS® application areas

Address challenging protein pharmacokinetics. Locally administered or disease targetted

Vaccines, infection control, disease treatment, and reducing environmental impact

Low-cost, scalable, cold-chain-independent solutions for vaccine development. Subunit or VLPs

Long-lasting environmental stability for chemical-free solutions to pest control

Controlled release to reconfigure biomanufacturing, improving quality, reducing cost

Realizing recombinant proteins’ potential to positively impact our daily lives

PODS® transforms protein delivery. If you are interested in using PODS® in your work, please get in touch.

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PODS® technology expands the possibilities and applications for proteins across many applications and fields of use. The potential for proteins enabled by PODS® is almost limitless.

If your research or product development is hampered by protein instability, we can probably help. Please get in touch